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Director's Message

In appreciation of the role of the Yemeni farmer in achieving agricultural development in our country, we have worked to provide the requirements for agricultural production – fertilizers, fertilizers, seeds, fungicides and pesticides – one of the major international companies with high quality and affordable prices … to meet the needs of farmers to raise the quality of crops and increase production .. We are proud that throughout our history We are always trusted and reassured to our customers until the name Badia has become a guarantee for all its varieties and products in the Yemeni market, which has enabled us to provide all that is new in terms of products that are safe for humans and the environment and that are compatible with the export needs of Yemeni agricultural products. We will always serve the Yemeni farms and agriculture

Albadia is a pioneer company established in Yemen to promote sustainable agricultural practices. The company focus on selling high quality products such as agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and seeds, with the aim of creating a paradigm shift in agriculture in Yemen. Our main products include all kinds of pesticide and water-soluble fertilizers; we also offer plant protection solutions. 

Mr. Fahim Gamil is the man behind the idea that was to become ABGE. His vision was to serve farmers in the region. with the best and highest quality products to ensure the safety of the environment and customers satisfactions.

With more than 20 years of efforts in strict quality control, continuous development in products, and effective brand building, Albadia is now is a nationwide large-scale enterprise which integrates importing, distribution and service as well as specializes in the agricultural means of production, such as chemical fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural film, seeds, agricultural machinery and among others.

Albadia takes the responsibility to develop green agricultural technology and cooperate with our customers to create values, and has established good brand image in agrochem sector by the abundant product series and superior services. Our pesticides, such as Imidacloprid, Difenoconazole , Kresoxim-methyl, Indoxacarb, etc., are popular to sell at home and our pesticide formulation products, for example, brand name Emac™(Emamectine benzoate 1.9%EC), Ibian™ (Abamectin 1.8% EC) ,Aximi™ (Abamectin 0.5 + imidacloprid 35.5% WDG) Agro Onyx ™ (Azoxystrobin 30 + Iprodion 20), Rox™ (Difenoconazole  25% EC), etc. are identified as the key products to market for best agricultural products. Our fertilizer products for examples Doctoferro™ 48 , Novalon™ , Technofert™ ,… etc  are attested for green food production material.  

Our Value is to enhance and raise  the standard of agriculture in Yemen and the region, and pioneer the application of best practices and distribute unique products that optimize agriculture, enhance the quality of exportable produce without causing any damage to our environment.

On the basis of expanding domestic market share, the company is actively engaged in building the agricultural service networks and focusing on promoting the values of advanced agricultural products by the differentiation strategy, based on the safety and environment protection , taking core of technical innovation and being responsible for the serves of modern agriculture. Albadia is committing itself to becoming an excellent agricultural supplie.

place our clients at the centre of our business.

supply safe and effective agricultural products in Yemen that meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture.

To upgrade and effectively utilize operational resources to realize performance excellence and expand product portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure significant business growth.

to introduce high quality products with continuous improvement by innovation and commitment to health, safety and environment.

To be the local leaders in agri input industry both in terms of size and scale of operations.

To be the best player in the area of Agrochemicals.

To ensure constant efforts to maintain excellent employee welfare and high levels of “Business Ethics” in quality and services to customers and associates.